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The people profiled on G Word are all about inspiration: great stories that spur people to make small changes to help this big blue marble of ours.

More inspiration comes out of San Diego?s not-for-profit Pro Peninsula. This amazing group not only helps our Mexican neighbors, it helps protect sea turtles too!

Sea turtles have been around for 150 million years, but are now facing serious threats. They?ve outlived the Ice Age, but between poachers and pollution, Pro Peninsula fears they won?t survive without help. Grupo Tortuguero is Pro Peninsula?s network of sea turtle conservationists who show Mexican individuals how to implement sustainable fishing practices while simultaneously maintaining a traditional livelihood.

How can you get on board? Adopt a sea turtle for as low as $35?a great gift for the mom-dad-sister-brother who has everything--except, presumably, a pet sea turtle.

On the pro people front, Pro Peninsula also helps create environmental organizations along the Baja Peninsula, and then mentors them on how to operate in Mexico?s challenged economy.

Inspiration indeed!

This post was inspired by G Word.