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This Day in History: Shark Week's Origin
To finish out our special coverage of Shark Week, join us for our final special episode where we look at the origins of the cable ratings juggernaut known as Shark Week.
Don't Be Dumb: Sharks Eat People
Have you heard that sharks like to eat people? This is patently untrue. Sharks don't eat humans and there are a lot fewer shark attacks than you might think. Learn why you should lay off sharks for once in your life right here.
This Day in History: Shark Awareness Day
In the first installment of our month-long special shark series, Josh and Chuck talk about Shark Awareness Day, an international holiday that raises awareness of the threats sharks face from humans.
Shark Week: Touching Sharks
Touching a shark on the snout is not recommended, but it yields interesting results.
Best of Shark Week: Shark Attack Survivors
A swimmer is attacked by a bull shark and dragged out into the deep.
Shark Bites: Lemon Shark
In this Discovery Channel clip, Les Stroud tests the power of lemon sharks by dropping realistic legs made of ballistic rubber into shark-infested waters.
Shark Bites: Lemon Shark Feeding
In this Discovery Channel segment, Les Stroud does a bait test with lemon sharks to see which meat they tear through the hardest.
Shark Bites: Reef Shark
In this Discovery Channel video, Les Stroud dives in reef-shark infested waters with only a thin layer of chain armor to protect him.
Shark Bites: Tiger Shark
Tiger sharks are known as "living garbage cans." In this Discovery Channel video, Les Stroud finds out if their reputation is deserved by throwing a series of objects in the water.
Shark Week: Shark Won't Let Go
A shark chomps down on a boy's leg in Sydney, Australia, and won't let go. This reenactment of a real shark attack from 1966 is featured in "Rogue Sharks," part of the Shark Week 2011 lineup.
Shark Week: Very First Shark Cage
Rodney Fox, determined to learn more about the creature that nearly killed him, creates the world's first shark cage. This scene is featured in "Rogue Sharks," part of the 2011 Shark Week lineup.
Shark Bites: South America Shark Attack
A young girl is attacked while on vacation. In this Discovery Channel video, she reveals the actual footage from the day of the attack.
Bull Shark: World's Deadliest Shark: Camera Attacked
Watch as this aggressive baby bull shark attacks the camera in this clip from Discovery Channel's "Bull Shark: World's Deadliest Shark."
Bull Shark: World's Deadliest Shark: Shallow Waters
Bull Sharks often hunt for prey in shallow waters which increases the likelihood of human contact. Learn more about these predators in this clip from Discovery Channel's "Bull Shark: World's Deadliest Shark."
Shark Week: Shark Week with Andy Samberg
Andy Samberg is Discovery's Chief Shark Officer for 2011.
Shark Attack
What are the odds you will be attacked by a shark?
Maneaters: Sharks
Shark attacks are on the rise in Australia. What is causing the recent spike in shark related injuries and how can you avoid being bitten by one?
Air Jaws: Sharks of South Africa: Shark vs Baby Seal
In this clip from Discovery Channel's "Air Jaws: Sharks of South Africa," a baby seal attempts to escape the clutches of a gang of great white sharks.
Shark Week: If a Shark Had a Favorite Color
Do sharks prefer yellow? The MythBusters find out.
How Tiger Sharks Work
Tiger sharks have a reputation for being man-eaters, but are they really? Check out this video, brought to you by the Discovery Channel.
How Bull Sharks Work
Bull sharks are incredibly dangerous for a number of different reasons. Learn more about bull sharks with this video from HowStuffWorks.
The History of Fearing Sharks
Most beachgoers are on the lookout for sharks-- all too aware of their unseen threat. However, it wasn't always that way. Watch this video to gain a perspective on the fear of sharks, which is actually a fairly recent phenomenon.
G Word: Shark Population
Find out why the shark population is on a steep decline on Planet Green's "G Word."
Great White Shark Encounter
In the northwest, the great white shark can make an appearance.
Shark Bites: Magnet Test
Can the hammerhead shark really detect magnets? Les Stroud puts this urban legend to the test in the following Discovery Channel clip.
Shark Bites: Arm Loss
This Discovery Channel clip presents the story of a man who lost his arm to a shark, but lived to tell the tale.
Shark Bites: Color Test
In this Discovery Channel segment, Les Stroud performs three dangerous tests to determine if sharks' appetites are driven by color.
Shark Week: Scary Cage Dive
A cage diver is surrounded by sharks off the coast of Durban, South Africa in the fateful summer of 1957/1958, which saw seven attacks along the coast. This recreation is featured in "Killer Sharks," part of the 2011 Shark Week lineup.
Low Oxygen Shark Test
Epaulette sharks are tested to understand their unique ability to survive with very little oxygen.
River Monsters: Bull Shark
Before Jeremy Wade can go after a fresh water shark, he needs to know how to catch a saltwater shark. Seeing this bull shark up close makes you realize how much you wouldn't want to run into one. Watch this video from Animal Planet's "River Monsters."
How Great White Sharks Work
Great white sharks are infamous for attacks on swimmers and surfers. Check out this story of a great white attack in this video, brought to you by the Discovery Channel.
Shark Week: Viciously Attacked
In 1957, Julia Painting suffered a severed arm in an extremely vicious shark attack at Margate Beach.
Shark Bites: Bait Test
Les Stroud wants to see if sharks are attracted to foods that humans eat. See if sharks have an appetite for ham, turkey and beef in this Discovery Channel video.
Shark Week: Go Out Further.
A boy gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time during "Black December," a famous rash of shark attacks that made Durban, South Africa notorious in 1957. This recreation is featured in "Killer Sharks," part of the 2011 Shark Week lineup.
River Monsters: Bull Sharks in South Africa
On the shore, the scientists examine the bull shark up close and realize that since this shark is male, there are more sharks looming in this South African river.
Up Close and Dangerous: Curious Sharks
When sharks explore their world, they test things out by biting gently. The sharks don't want to risk ruining their sharp teeth. Learn more in this clip from Animal Planet's "Up Close and Dangerous" series.
River Monsters: Fresh Water Shark
Jeremy Wade finally gets the fish he is after, a shark living in fresh water. It may be just a baby, but that means that the sharks are breeding in the river! Watch this video from Animal Planet's "River Monsters."
Shark Week: Surfer Girl Attacked
Surfer Megan Halavais is the latest victim of the shark attacks in Salmon Creek Beach, California.
Shark Bites: South Pacific Attack
In this Discovery Channel video, a relaxing vacation in the South Pacific is cut short when a group of friends is attacked by a shark.
Shark Bites: Attack Caught on Film
In this Discovery Channel video, shark behaviorist Dr. Erich Ritter is attacked and almost loses his leg.
Killer Clips: Shark vs Big Fish
In this Animal Planet clip, a shark attacks and mutilates a large fish.
Fooled by Nature: Shark's Teeth
On Animal Planet's "Fooled by Nature," we learn about the most famous teeth on Earth: shark teeth. Sharks have a massive bite with many rows of teeth. They even have teeth on the surface of their skin.
Untamed and Uncut: Spinner Shark Bite
When two friends' curiosity tempts them to catch a spinner shark, one gets too close and feels the sharp sting of a 120 pound Spinner Shark clamp down on his hand. Watch this clip from Animal Planet's "Untamed and Uncut" to see what happens next.
Animals: Shark Diving 101
Florida Aquarium staff learn how to work and swim among sharks as part of the aquarium's dive program, which also gives guests a chance to get up close and personal with the predators. Jorge Ribas visits the reef.
River Monsters: Bitten by a Bull Shark
Jeremy gets a call about a shark attack and rushes off to find out what happened. What he sees is a stark reminder that these sharks truly are river monsters!
Weird True and Freaky: Shark Cannibalism
On Animal Planet's "Weird, True and Freaky," witness the brutal hunting methods of sharks, which, sometimes, include eating their own species.
Shark Bites: Abalone Diver
A man dives for abalone for a living, but one day his work is interrupted by a shark attack. Check out his story in this clip from the Discovery Channel.
River Monsters: Hooking a Bull Shark
Jeremy is on a quest to catch a thirteen foot bull shark for scientific research! He has one on the line; can he bring it in?