Weird, True and Freaky: Anomalies in the Animal Kingdom
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Weird, True & Freaky, Season 2: Coat of Killer Bees
A professional beekeeper takes up the challenge of trying to win the record for most bees on the human body. Will he make it or will the stinging competition be too much to handle?
Weird, True & Freaky, Season 2: Covered in Spiders
An eleven-year-old boy shares a glass coffin with 125 venomous spiders in the hopes of beating the world record. Can he handle the spiders or will the web be too thick?
Weird, True & Freaky, Season 2: Cub vs. Mountain Lion
A defenseless cub takes up the challenge of taking on a mountain lion. Will he live to see adulthood?
Weird, True & Freaky, Season 2: Dog vs. Grizzly
When the scents of salmon come a knockin' bears come a callin'. However, it ain't easy being a bear when you're contending with courageous canines.
Weird, True & Freaky, Season 2: Goose vs. Dog
A goose can be a dangerous foe as a man and his best friend find out first hand. Will their goose be cooked?
Weird, True & Freaky, Season 2: Mouthful of Roaches
A sideshow performer tries to beat the record for holding the most live 3 inch long, hissing cockroaches in his mouth. Will he make it or will he be "roached" out?
Weird, True & Freaky, Season 2: Sleeping with Scorpions
A Thai stunt woman shares a bedroom with 5000 scorpions. Will she be able to break her own record and stay with her "difficult" roommates for 33 days?
Weird, True & Freaky, Season 2: Squirrel vs. Snake
A squirrel beating a snake? What are the chances? In this roadside brawl all the rules are thrown out the door as the prey becomes the predator.
Weird, True & Freaky, Season 2: Tortoise vs. Cats
Felines have many foes, but nobody could have imagined the most hardy foe of all: a tortoise. Will slow and steady win this fight?
Weird, True & Freaky, Season 2: Viper Bath
Professional snake handler Jackie sits in a bathtub full of rattlesnakes trying to beat his own record while trying to survive potential attacks from these venomous creatures.
Weird, True & Freaky: Self-Milking Cow
In India, a self-milking cow is saving farmers a lot of work as it produces up to two gallons of milk a day - on demand.
Weird, True and Freaky: 46 Pound Cat
Mitzi is more than huge, she tips the scales at 46 pounds, a half a pound away from the "Fat Cat" record!
Weird, True and Freaky: Colossal Cow
This massive sized cow stands nearly as tall as her own and weighs nearly a ton and a half, double the size of the typical cow!
Weird, True and Freaky: Fainting Goats
When a herd of goats suddenly drop dead in their tracks after hearing sudden noises, a rare genetic trait may be the answer.
Weird, True and Freaky: Fat Bandit
When a wildlife rehabilitator took in a sickly raccoon named Bandit, she never thought the once small animal would eventually become 79 pounds.
Weird, True Freaky: Fat Elbert
When an orphaned pet shelter owner agrees to take on another addition, she is horrified when she receives a 260-pound, pot-bellied pig!