10 Superhero Powers of the Animal Kingdom

Froggy Went Awakin'
That wood frog is definitely not frozen. © Joe McDonald/Corbis

First on our list of animals with enviable powers is the seemingly innocent wood frog (Rana sylvatica). This little jumper's persona is as boring as Clark Kent. It lives in North America, up into the Arctic Circle. Most of its days are spent doing frog things like jumping and climbing. Nothing to see here.

Until, of course, the first sign of freeze.

Because as soon as these guys find their skin feeling the sting of serious cold, they freeze. The water in their bodies does indeed turn to ice, while the syrup-like liquid inside their cells stays viscous [source: Roach]. For all intents and purposes, a wood frog in winter imitates a dead frog: no organ function, no breath.

But come spring? The ice melts and the wood frog's blood begins circulating. The frog starts functioning about 30 minutes after the ice melts, no harm done.