10 Animals With Better Jobs Than You


Menswear Dog

Menswear Dog
Bodhi, a Shiba Inu, has done shoots for brands like Coach, American Apparel, and (naturally) Purina. Menswear Dog @mensweardog

How does Bodhi the Shiba Inu rake in $15,000 per month? This Japanese hunting dog is a talented model that goes by the moniker Menswear Dog. Owners and fashion designers Yena Kim and David Fung first clad Bodhi in a stylin' outfit in 2013 on a whim. Unlike most canines, who would scratch or shake off any such adornments, Bodhi seemed to enjoy the duds, and actually began posing for Kim and Fung. The couple posted a photo of the engaging pooch on Facebook, instantly launching Bodhi's career [source: Gayomali].

Today Menswear Dog has a Facebook page with more than 200,000 "likes," 254,000+ Instagram followers, and nearly 10,000 Twitter followers — and a very busy schedule. He's often out doing campaign shoots for brands such as Coach, Victorinox Swiss Army, American Apparel, Hudson Shoes and Purina. Then there are his individual photo shoots for publications such as GQ, Time, Esquire and Fast Company, as well as personal appearances at events like New York Fashion Week [source: Gayomali]. Oh, and his first book came out in 2015, titled "Menswear Dog Presents the New Classics: Fresh Looks for the Modern Man."