10 Insects We Love to Study

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5 Reasons Geckos Are the Coolest Lizards

5 Reasons Geckos Are the Coolest Lizards

Geckos are so cool, they take lizardhood to a whole new level. HowStuffWorks gets to know these little guys.

Author's Note: 10 Insects We Love to Study

As I write this, the corpses of Asian ladybugs litter my office carpet. They have little to eat here and die within a few days. Why the infestation? Science has provided an answer. My house is yellow, and as such, it serves as a beacon for the bugs. Studies show Asian ladybugs like bright surfaces and the sunny part of a building, which is why every spring I have to vacuum them up when they come knocking. I'm glad they're not cockroaches.

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