5 Food Animals That Are Smarter Than Your Pet



"Don't even think about following me, man." alfernec/iStock/Thinkstock
"Don't even think about following me, man." alfernec/iStock/Thinkstock

Pulled pork, pork chops, bacon ... the list of pig-based foods that we eat goes on and on, but for some reason, we never really talk about pig brains. Why think about pig brains when we can be thinking about eating a ham sandwich? Turns out that pigs also have food on the mind, and they've shown how intelligent they can be when it comes to getting more of it.

For example, domestic pigs can learn quickly how to put mirrors to use, peering at the reflected images of their environment to find food. Scientists also have done tests showing that pigs can instantly learn to follow each other when they think another pig knows the location of food. Even better, the leading pig often will try to throw the follower pig off the trail, so that it won't have to share the food [source: Angier].

It's not just the hunt for food where pigs show off their smarts. Pigs can be trained to do all sorts of tricks – jump through hoops, close and open cages, play video games with joysticks and even herd groups of another very smart animal we eat as food – sheep.