5 Food Animals That Are Smarter Than Your Pet

That reef octopus does look rather wise, don't you think? lilithlita/iStock/Thinkstock

And now from the turf to the surf! Animals that might outsmart your pet aren't just found on land. Thought to be the world's smartest invertebrate, the octopus is a part of meals in countries across the Mediterranean and Asia, and is growing in popularity outside those regions as well [source: Bittman].

As tasty as this animal may be grilled with a squeeze of lemon, instead of eating it, we should be admiring it for its brain. The octopus brain is very complex, sharing features such as folded lobes and similar brainwave patterns with mammalian brains [source: Schweid]. Tales of octopuses opening jars, breaking out of cages and solving somewhat complex spatial problems abound. They take things apart, navigate their way through mazes and play. While that last point may sound silly, play actually demonstrates intelligence, showing just how well an animal can figure out and interact with its environment [source: Schweid].