5 Food Animals That Are Smarter Than Your Pet

After that Parisian pigeon takes a quick rest, it's probably off to the Louvre for the afternoon. sanddebeautheil/iStock/Thinkstock

For the final animal on our list, we come back to the pigeon, better known on your dinner plate as squab. So maybe they aren't quite doing calculus, but these birdbrains actually are quite talented at math. The street pests can learn abstract rules about numbers, demonstrating an ability to count off shapes, rank them in ascending order, and perceive differences in numbers of groups of objects [source: Gorman].

Beyond math, pigeons have shown that they're able to recognize people who've been hostile toward them in the past and avoid them in the future [source: Gibson]. They can also recognize themselves in prerecorded videos [source: Toda and Watanabe]. Lastly, while you think these birds may be uncultured annoyances, they may be able to one-up you in museums, discriminating between Monet and Picasso paintings [source: Watanabe et al.]. Not bad for a bird you may order up to eat in a restaurant.

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