10 Superstitions About Birds

Divining a Peacock's Portent
Do the eyes on a peacock's tail signify anything other than natural beauty? John Rucchetti/EyeEm/Getty Images

People around the world are divided on how the peacock's brilliant feathers can influence luck. In much of the Western world, bringing a peacock feather indoors is bad mojo: Any unmarried females in the home will end up as sad old maids, while all others will simply experience a bout of poor luck. The peacock feather also maintains an unlucky reputation in theater, where the feathers are typically excluded from costumes and scenery due to their association with evil and poor luck.

Some attribute this negativity to the characteristic eyes found on the feathers, which are believed to invade your privacy by spying on your home and family. Others associate it with the evil eye, which is often linked to death and the devil [source: Oliver]. Still other superstitious folks believe that the gorgeous feathers give the peacock a sense of arrogance, and bringing these feathers into the home or incorporating them into clothing or décor transfers this arrogance to the feathers' owner.

In the East, particularly India, China and Japan, bringing peacock feathers into the home is a way to increase luck. The feathers provide extra eyes around the house, increasing security and protecting the occupants from death and danger [source: Webster].