Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican
Brown Pelican
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Bird Spotting: The brown pelican is the only dark pelican. This is a very large, stocky bird. The bill is long and flat with an extendible pouch. The brown pelican has webbed feet, and its legs are short, which gives this bird a slightly top-heavy look.

Habitat: Sandy coastal beaches and lagoons are the habitats of choice for the brown pelican. This large bird is also often seen at waterfronts sitting on pilings.

Nesting: The brown pelican is at home in colonies and lays two or three chalky white eggs in a nest built with sticks, straw and debris. Brown pelicans use their webbed feet to keep the eggs warm. Nests are usually placed in a tree or low bush.

Bird Bite: The brown pelican is the only pelican to catch its food by plunging from great heights in the air and diving underwater.

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