Impressive Bird Hustles

Have you ever been at a bar and the music was so loud that you had to shout to be heard? If you've watched the video, you'll have heard that birds — perched in their tree "bars" — are having to do the very same thing to be heard over us loudmouth humans. Which is a problem, especially if a bird's trying to mate.  

To give you an idea of how hard they work at the mating game, let's meet a few birds who have next-level hustles. 

Moonwalking Red-capped Manakins

Not only can this suitor dance, he can also snap to the beat. At 80 hits per second — faster than a hummingbird manically flitting its wings— the red-capped manakin creates a vibration with its wing tips to produce distinctive noises meant to cue the female to his moonwalk moves.

The Technicolor Dream Coats of Birds of Paradise

While many a male bird flashes brilliantly colored plumage to catch a female's eye, the birds of paradise are extravagantly feathered. Some sport plumage looking like Cinderella's ball gown while others, like riflebirds, reveal dazzling blue, metallic feathers.

Architects of Love, Bowerbirds

 The male bowerbird may not have any extraordinary dance moves or brightly colored feathers. But he does have an eye for design, which he uses to lure in the ladies. Some bowerbirds construct archways, line their "lawns" with berries grouped by color, and some scatter flower petals to make their abodes more appealing. 

These are but a few examples of why we should have an appreciation for a bird just trying to get by – trying to be heard over the din of us noisy humans. If you haven't already, find out how these birds fight back by checking out the HowStuffWorks Now video at the top.