Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker
Northern Flicker

Bird Spotting: The upperparts of this large woodpecker are brown with dark bars and spots. The chest is white or buff, also with black spots. In the east and north of North America, bright yellow plumage lines the underside of the wings and tail, and, therefore, these birds are also called yellow-shafted flickers. Red-shafted flickers with a salmon red beneath their wings and tail reside in the western parts of North America.

Habitat: Northern flickers are found in open country with trees, parks and large gardens, and they are comfortable in cities and suburbs.

Nesting: Six to eight white eggs are laid in a tree cavity without any nesting material.

Bird Bite: This woodpecker typically finds its food on the ground. Ants are a favorite menu item.

Backyard Tip: The calcium-rich berries of the netleaf hackberry provide a good source of food for the northern flicker. This bird will also eat the fruit of the flowering dogwood tree.

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