Northern Mockingbird

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Bird Spotting: This robin-size bird is gray on top and white on its chest. The wings are marked with two white wing bars. The bill is thin and the tail is long.

Habitat. This bird likes open spaces, and can be found in city parks, farmlands and other cultivated areas.

Nesting: A bush or low tree is the perfect place to build its nest of sticks and weed stems. Three to five blue-green eggs, heavily marked with brown spots, form the clutch. Northern mockingbirds are extremely territorial and think nothing of swooping down unexpectedly on people and animals if they get too close to the nest. They have also been known to attack their own reflection in a window or hub cap with enough vengeance to cause injury or even death.

Bird Bite: This is a vocal bird and can mimic a wide range of bird songs. Through its lifetime, the northern mockingbird will add to its repertoire.

Backyard Tip: Mockingbirds will look for the dense branches of the eastern red cedar to set up its home. The fruit of the Christmas berry tree is a favorite food.