Rufous Hummingbird


Bird Spotting: The male and female rufous hummingbird have distinct physical characteristics. Males are bright red or reddish brown, a color sometimes referred to as rufous, with an orange-red throat. Females are green above, with a rufous tinge on the rump and flanks. Their tail is also rufous.

Habitat: Rufous hummingbirds can be found in mountain meadows and along forest edges. In the winter and when they are migrating, these birds will make pit stops in gardens that have hummingbird feeding stations.

Nesting: Spiderwebs and lichen form a cup-shaped nest that is attached to a tree branch. Rufous hummingbirds lay two white eggs a season.

Bird Bite: The rufous hummingbird has amazing speed and maneuverability during flight and it is said that the rufous can outfly all other hummingbirds.

Backyard Tip: To attract the rufous hummingbird to your garden plant hibiscus and salvia, and don't forget that this hummingbird will stop at hummingbird feeders in the winter.