10 Myths About Pigeons


Pigeons Are Stupid

Fair-feathered friends.
Fair-feathered friends.
Corbis/Getty Images

The notion that pigeons are stupid couldn't be farther from the truth. These animals have been the subject of countless scientific studies over the past few decades and are widely considered to be among the smartest creatures on Earth. For example, pigeons can be taught to perform complex actions and remember images for several years. They can even recognize their own image. Now that is something cats, dogs and even infant humans generally can't do.

It's probably because pigeons are so common that people don't give them their due. There is also that unfortunate habit of pooping all over cars, sidewalks and park benches. But pigeons are actually quite smart and well-adapted to their environment. So next time you find yourself face to face with a flock, take a moment to appreciate these beautiful birds. They are among the most interesting -- and misunderstood -- creatures in our world.