Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Yellow-Rumped Warbler
Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Bird Spotting: The yellow-rumped warbler is mostly dull blue in color with streaks of black. As its name suggests its rump is yellow, and although other warblers also have yellow rumps, they are not as distinctive. Patches of yellow also make an appearance on the crown and on each side of the chest.

Habitat: The yellow-rumped warbler breeds in coniferous and mixed forests. In winter this bird can be seen along woodland edges, marshes and residential areas.


Nesting: The nest of the yellow-rumped warbler is a bulky construction of twigs, roots and grass, which is lined with hair and feathers. The clutch is usually four or five white eggs, spotted and blotched with brown.

Bird Bite: The yellow-rumped is the only warbler with the ability to digest the waxes found in bayberries and wax myrtles. Taking advantage of this food source allows this species of bird to migrate farther north than any other warbler. Some have made it as far as Newfoundland.

Backyard Tip: The yellow-rumped warbler feeds on the red fruits of the sugar bush.

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