Recent Dinosaur Discoveries

Early Jurassic Antartic Dinosaurs

Antarctica was not always covered miles deep with ice. During the Mesozoic, it had a fairly temperate climate in which dinosaurs and other Mesozoic animals and plants thrived. It also served as a land bridge that joined southern Africa, Madagascar, India, and Australia. Unfortunately, today's huge Antarctic ice pack and very cold Antarctica temperatures make it very difficult to collect dinosaur fossils there. But even so, a few scattered dinosaur fossils are now known from Antarctica, one of which, Cryolophosaurus, is complete enough to warrant establishing a new species.

Cryolophosaurus was a theropod 26 feet long, described in 1994. It had a unique, flat crest atop its head between the eyes, shaped like two ruffled potato chips stuck together side by side. Quite a bit of the skull was found, so we have a pretty good idea what this dinosaur looked like. Along with it were found the bones of an unnamed prosauropod, perhaps the kind of dinosaur that Cryolophosaurus preyed upon. Both dinosaurs lived during the Early Jurassic epoch.