Thescelosaurus neglectus See more dinosaur images.
Brian Franczak


Period: Late Cretaceous

Order, Suborder, Family: Ornithischia, Ornithopoda, Hypsilophodontidae

Location: North America (Canada, United States)

Length: 11 feet (3.3 meters)

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Thescelosaurus was one of the last hypsilopbodontid dinosaurs. It is known from the end of the Late Cretaceous of Montana in the United States, and Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada. It may have seen what happened to cause the mass extinctions at the end of the Mesozoic.

Meaning "beautiful reptile," Thescelosaurus is known from complete skeletons. The front of the jaws lacked teeth. Muscular cheeks along the sides of the face kept food from falling out of the mouth.

This small dinosaur had stocky body and limb proportions. Thescelosaurus must have been a much slower runner than other hypsilophodontids that were about the same size.