Top 10 Most Endangered Fish Species


Acadian Redfish

Acadian Redfish: Reproduction impeded by trawling.
Acadian Redfish: Reproduction impeded by trawling.
Joseph Kunkel, Professor, University of Massachusetts

This species of North Atlantic fish grows to about 20 inches in length and can live as long as 50 years. Like other overfished species, the Acadian redfish is slow-growing and reaches reproductive age late -- at about eight or nine years old. Intensive trawling over the last 10 years has led to the smallest yields since commercial fishing of the species commenced in the 1930s. Worse, the Acadian redfish has been subject to pirate fishing, or fishing done in violation of environmental law. For these reasons, the IUCN lists the species as endangered.


Trawling is a fishing technique where a large, deep net is pulled behind a boat. Often this net drags on the ocean floor, stirring up sediment and altering seafloor habitat. The effects of trawling can actually be seen on satellite images taken from space.