Endangered Species

Endangered species are animal popluations that are at risk of extinction. Natural extinctions do occur, but human beings play an integral role in animal extinction and preservation.


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Shark Finning - The Big Picture of a Big Problem

Shark finning and the dangers of this practice are explained in this article. Learn about shark finning and the dangers of shark finning.

An Ocean of Plastic...In Birds' Guts

Check out these amazing pictures of the Ocean Gyre Albatross!

How to Help Protect Endangered Species

You'd like to know how to help protect endangered species. This article will tell you how to help protect endangered species.

What brought bison back from the brink of extinction?

Nothing strikes up an image of the Old West like bison roaming the open plains. But the demand for fur nearly annihilated this species. So how did bison survive?

How did the bald eagle get delisted as an endangered species?

Bald eagle conservation became crucial in saving America's national symbol. Read on to learn more about bald eagle conservation efforts.

Why would there be no more fish in 40 years?

According to a study published in Friday's issue of the journal Science, there will be no seafood left to catch by 2048.

All About the World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund is a forefather of conservation and a plays a major role in actively saving the Earth. Read on to learn more about the World Wildlife Fund.