Top 10 Extinct Animals


2 - Flores Man

Flores Man
Flores Man

When researchers stumbled onto remains of what appeared to be a group of mini-humans in an Indonesian cave in 2003, they could hardly conceive of the significance of their find. There were several individuals, each of which had tiny heads and were about 3 feet tall. Did these creatures represent a new species of hominid, some sort of advanced ape or were they merely humans with a medical condition that would account for their diminutive size? The debate rages on, but recent evidence suggests that they may represent a distinct line in human evolution.

Nicknamed "Hobbits," these tiny primates were eventually named "Flores man" for the Indonesian island on which they were found. The last of them appear to have died out about 12,000 years ago. Incredibly, this means that Flores man overlapped with modern man for centuries, living in caves and using tools much like primitive humans. Did Flores man encounter modern man and, if so, what was their interaction like? We may never know the truth, but we now have a great mystery to ponder