The 10 Most Dangerous Sharks


Tiger Shark

Tiger sharks aren't looking to specifically eat humans, but then, they weren't specifically looking to eat lumps of coal, cans of paint, packs of cigarettes or Senegalese drums either. These items have all been found in the bellies of tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier), which are known for their ability to eat just about anything [source: Parker]. So while other sharks may just want a sample to find out if a person is edible, the tiger shark is less likely to let go once it's taken a bite.

If a tiger shark does decide to continue eating, you're in for an unpleasant experience, to say the least. Their jaws have elastic muscles, which allow them to swallow pieces of prey much larger than what might seem possible. And little can be done once you're in the grip of the tiger shark's razor-sharp teeth, which can chomp through anything. Many a crunchy sea turtle has fallen prey to those teeth despite a hard, protective shell.

Those teeth, which can puncture and rip apart prey in a matter of seconds, have been responsible for a total of 157 attacks, including 27 unprovoked fatal attacks [source: ISAF].

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