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Rodney Fox

Rodney Fox probably wishes he'd seen a sign like this one.
Rodney Fox probably wishes he'd seen a sign like this one.
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­Rodney Fox is the most famous shark attack victim in history. Why? Because of the extent of his injuries and the fact that he survived them. On Dec. 8, 1963, Fox was defending his Australian spear-fishing title when a great white shark grabbed him around the middle and took him for a ride. He was flying through the water upside down, trying to gouge the shark's eyes. The shark released him and came back for more. Fox jammed his arm down the throat of the beast and pulled it free, ripping the flesh from his arm. The shark released him again and came back a third time, dragging Fox along the ocean floor. After nearly drowning, Fox was released and pulled into a nearby boat. His bones were visible on his right hand and arm -- the hand alone required 94 stitches. His rib cage, lungs and upper stomach were all exposed. His rescuers kept his wetsuit on, which kept his internal organs from spilling out and may have saved his life. He arrived at the hospital within an hour of the attack and somehow never went into shock. Miraculously, his main arteries remained intact and after four hours of surgery and 360 stitches, Fox lived to tell his tale.

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