How to Ride a Horse

Horse riding is a wonderful outdoor exercise that can be enjoyed at many ages. It's particularly good for developing the leg muscles and for overall physical coordination [source: Beneden]. Horse riding has grown more popular recently [source: British Horse Society]. Here we will tell you some tips about riding your horse.

  • Make sure your horse is correctly equipped before riding it. Always use a bridle, not just a halter.
  • Make sure you're dressed properly for riding a horse. You should wear boots with heels that will stop your feet from sliding out of the stirrups. You must also wear a helmet.
  • Sit confidently on your horse and remember that horses get frightened quite easily.
  • Stay calm at all times, especially if your horse gets scared by something. In this case keep your horse calm by speak to it soothingly.
  • Keep your horse at a walk when on a slope or on a potentially slippery surface.
  • Ride on the edge of the road, and be very careful. It's best to avoid riding on paved roads as much as possible.
  • Keep your distance from the horse in front of you when riding in a line of horses. There should be at least a horse's length between your horse and the next horse.
  • Avoid wearing spurs until you're experienced enough to hold your legs steady without fear of prodding your horse with the spurs by mistake.
  • Enter and leave the stable with your horse at a walk [source: University of Kentucky]. //]]]]> ]]>