Types of Bears

Sloth Bear

Sloth Bear MOLLY RILEY/Reuters/Corbis Sloth Bear MOLLY RILEY/Reuters/Corbis
Sloth Bear MOLLY RILEY/Reuters/Corbis

Suck Up: Termites and ants are the food of choice for the sloth bears who find their meals by using their long, curved claws to dig them out of rock-hard nests and mounds. When the bears open the hole to get to their prey, they use their lips and tongue to suck up the little creatures, which sounds a lot like a noisy vacuum cleaner.

Messy Marvin: Sloth bears won't make it onto any Hollywood best-dressed lists anytime soon, thanks to their disheveled appearance, which includes shaggy coats, white claws, and the light-colored fur around their chests and eyes. But being messy does have its advantages: Their long-haired coats prevent them from getting stung by insects.

Often Hunted: These bears live in relative seclusion while in parts of Asia like India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. They're often targets for poachers, who sell them to dance in circuses and other traveling shows. Because of this threat, sloth bears join the list of other threatened or endangered species in Asia, including red pandas, Asian small-clawed otters and Japanese giant salamanders.