10 Best Family Dog Breeds



Yes, the papillon is as delicate as it looks.
Yes, the papillon is as delicate as it looks.

Often overlooked as mere lapdogs, papillons are perfect companion dogs and make good pets for city-dwellers. Papillons aren't just a fashion accessory, so don't let their prettiness fool you. Unlike other toy breeds, papillons are spirited, highly intelligent, fun-loving and eager to please, making them ideal for the family without a lot of square footage to spare.

For all their charm, papillons aren't recommended for families with small children -- not that they'll be a danger to the child, but the other way around. Though papillons have a personality bigger than their body, they're also more fragile than other breeds, which can make them injury-prone when playing with toddlers who haven't learned their own strength yet.