10 Best Family Dog Breeds



Despite the fact that it would be very, very easy for them to hide in a hot dog factory, dachshunds take themselves seriously. No one else does, but that doesn't seem to bother them. They're not particularly smart, and they're a little bit yappy and standoffish around strangers.

What's the appeal, then? Good old-fashioned goofballery. Unlike many other lapdogs, dachshunds are extremely playful, never boring, and absolutely adore being around their owners. Their coats are generally short, so shedding isn't an issue. And, the amount of exercise that even a highly energetic dachshund requires is still roughly proportional to its size. This is a dog that rewards doting, making it the perfect breed for less physically active families or empty nesters who want an animal that's low-maintenance but still has some personality.