Top 10 Family Guard Dogs


German Shepherd

The German shepherd is a very loving and lovable animal, which makes it a great choice as a pet and a wonderful guard dog for families with children. German shepherds form extremely strong bonds with their owners and families and will protect a child with their lives. They are also easy to train and very eager to please [source: American Kennel Club].

Confident and fearless, German shepherds make great watchdogs and guard dogs. This animal has the uncanny ability to remain calm and keep its wits about it even in chaotic circumstances -- qualities that definitely come in handy during crisis or high-threat situations. This is why German shepherds are commonly used in police work and military operations and for assisting people with special needs.

The one potential downside to owning a German shepherd is that they don't do well in couch potato families. German shepherds need constant mental and physical stimulation, so be sure you're ready to commit to an active lifestyle before adopting.