Top 10 Family Guard Dogs


Bernese Mountain

The Bernese mountain dog is the perfect choice for a family that wants a pet whose presence would deter an intruder but is actually quite gentle. This breed is friendly with children and does very well around other animals. As one of the most social breeds, Bernese mountain dogs make loving and loyal family members.

Before adopting a dog -- especially one that will serve as a guardian of the family -- it helps to know the characteristics of its lineage as well as the breed. There are considerable variations within each breed and knowing a puppy's parents will give you a sense of the demeanor your dog will eventually develop.

Also, before adopting a Bernese mountain dog, it's important to consider your lifestyle. This breed requires regular exercise and daily grooming. The Bernese mountain dog is also quite sensitive to being left out of the social circle, so it's not a good choice for a family that tends to be away from its dog for long stretches of time.