Top 10 Family Guard Dogs



If you're looking for a dog that's friendly with children as well as other animals, look no further than the Newfoundland. Affectionately called "Newfies," these gentle giants offer protection by virtue of their imposing size and stature. No criminal in his or her right mind would break into a home with a Newfie inside.

Another potential perk of having a Newfoundland around it that this breed is strong enough to do heavy labor. Newfies were traditionally used as working dogs, performing such tasks as hauling wood from the forest and pulling fishing nets from the water. You never know when this kind of strength will come in handy around the house.

Newfies are also highly trainable, which is important for such a strong animal. The one possible downside is that this animal's thick coat requires regular brushing. Newfoundlands also need regular exercise, so be sure to consider your willingness to work out before you adopt.