10 Fruits and Veggies that Aid in Dogs' Nutrition



Pears contain pectin to help strengthen intestines.
Pears contain pectin to help strengthen intestines.
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If you're looking for a fruit to strengthen your dog's the intestinal tract and heart, the pear is the perfect piece of produce for your pooch. Pears contain pectin to help strengthen intestines. They are also sources of potassium, a nutrient that aids in maintaining heart and muscle strength as well as nerve transmission and carbohydrate metabolism.

Pears can be particularly good for dogs who suffer from constipation or irregularity. The fiber found in pears promotes colon health by binding with bile salts and carrying them out of the colon. Bile salts partially consist of cholesterol, so taking in fiber through pears will not only improve colon health but also reduce cholesterol levels.

In addition to building the cardiovascular and digestive systems, pears have antioxidants benefits. They are rich in vitamin C, a nutrient that works against oxygen damage from free radical damage. In addition, vitamin C promotes immune system health because it triggers white blood cells to combat infection, kills harmful bacteria and viruses, and stimulates vitamin E if it has been deactivated by free radicals.