10 Fun Games for Kids and Dogs


Frisbee Toss

There is something awesome about a dog running full speed, jumping in the air and catching a Frisbee in its mouth. Some dogs seem to jump higher than Lebron James at playoff time. It's great exercise for the dog, and tons of fun for everyone else. Yet, it's a hard game to master, but with a little patience your child and your dog will be able to get the game down in no time.

Not all dogs are suited for Frisbee toss. Great Danes? Not so much. Border collies and Jack Russell terriers? Perfect. Your dog should weigh between 30 to 50 pounds, have sound hips and already have the basic chasing and retrieval instincts. According to the Indy Dog and Disc Club there are a few do and don'ts to playing Frisbee with your dog, especially if it's the first time:

  • Begin by rolling the disc on the ground on its side. The Frisbee might smack the dog in the snout a couple of times, but that's OK. The dog will get used to it.
  • When teaching the dog how to play, always use a reassuring and happy voice.
  • NEVER throw the Frisbee directly at the dog. Do not hit your dog with the disc. The dog will come to fear the toy and never play with it.
  • NEVER push the dog too hard. Have fun, that's the point.
  • Don't encourage young dogs to leap. They can hurt their legs or hips.