10 Fun Games for Kids and Dogs


Hide and Seek

Dogs and children love to play hide and seek. Moreover, it's a wonderful game to play indoors. Before playing, the child should get a fistful of treats. The game can then begin. First, put the dog in the "sit" or "stay" position. Let's hope they have mastered those commands beforehand. If not, hold the dog by the collar for your child.

Once the dog is staying, have your child, treats in hand, hide in a different room. When your kid is tucked away, tell them to call the dog by name once. Wait as the dog searches. Finally, when the dog finds your child, make sure the child lavishes praise on the pooch and gives it a treat. If you really want the dog to get into the game, use chicken or cheese as treats. Every dog loves chicken and cheese [source: ASPCA].

When you first begin playing the game, make sure the dog can easily find your child. Making it too hard will discourage Fido. As the dog masters the game, your child can hide in more difficult locations [source: ASPCA].