10 Fun Games for Kids and Dogs


Finding the Toy

Her name is Chaser and she's one smart pup. How smart? She can understand 1,022 words. Not just any old words such as "sit" and "stay." Oh, no. Chaser knows the names of more than 1,000 objects -- mostly toys -- and she can go find any one of them at any time [source: The Week].

Chaser's owner, John W. Pilley, a psychologist at Wofford University in South Carolina, began training Chaser to get the objects when Chaser was a puppy. For four to five hours each day, Pilley repeated the names of one or two new objects. He then hid the toys and asked Chaser to fetch them. Chaser brought the toys back as she was asked [source: The Week].

Of course, no one expects your puppy to understand the names of 1,000 or more toys. Still, your child can teach most any dog -- Chaser is a bright border collie -- to bring back a particular toy using the repetition, praise and reward scenario. Chaser was so good at playing, that she still wants Pilley to teach her every day [source: The Week].