10 Great Cat Breeds for Kids


The Tiffany, also called the Chantilly, is a semi-longhaired breed with a shiny coat. It's got full, broad cheekbones and a round face plush with fur; most weigh between 6 and 8 pounds, with females running on the smaller end. Its fur feels like silk. Yet despite its aesthetic appeal, this breed is still unrecognized by the Cat Fanciers Association in cat shows [sources: Cat Fanciers Association and Fanciers]. The roots of the Tiffany lie in 1967, when a New York woman brought home two cats from an estate sale. They were chocolate-colored cats whose lineage wasn't known, and these were bred together [source: Fanciers].

Because of the Tiffany's balanced personality and ideal temperament, often described as moderate, it has been described as a Goldilocks cat. It is active, yet tolerates quiet time. It is curious, yet won't force itself aggressively into your business, nor will it get into mischief. It will also play companionably with children, but it won't wear them out with excessive energy levels. Even the breed's physical appearance falls somewhere between shorthair and longhair.

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