10 Great Cat Breeds for Kids



The kid-friendly Birman requires lots of grooming.
The kid-friendly Birman requires lots of grooming.

A cross between Siamese and Persians, Birmans are extra soft; their face, paws and tails are generally darker than their off-white, longhaired coats [source: Edwards]. Once considered the sacred cat of Burma and used in priests' temples, these cats make good cuddle buddies at bedtime [source: Taylor].

Birmans are very docile and will sit still for long periods, a good trait since their grooming will take some time. Brush or comb their longhaired coats regularly to avoid knotting. Active children won't appreciate the Birman, which tends to be laid-back. However, the breed makes up for its lethargy by being hugely friendly [source: Edwards]. Consider a Birman for quieter or younger children or those equipped with strong patience skills who like cuddling. It will reward them with a mighty purr.