10 Tips for Picking Out a New Family Dog


Your Budget

When making any kind of decision for your family, money is always something to keep in mind. Choosing a dog should be no different, because they can cost a lot of money in the long run. If you plan on buying a specific breed and skipping the adoption route, then the purchase price is a serious consideration. Breeds range from a few hundred dollars for Labs and golden retrievers all the way up to the thousands for select or rare breeds.

If you adopt, you can count on about 50 dollars in start-up costs like shots and spaying or neutering. Most rescue groups also require a "donation" to help with their overhead. This can run a couple hundred dollars, too.

Also consider the size of the dog. Premium dog food is expensive, and large dogs can eat you out of house and home. Vet bills can mount up on dogs prone to certain types of disease. Some say that pure-bred dogs are more susceptible to sickness than your average mutt or "pound puppy."