10 Tips for Picking Out a New Family Dog


Breed Selection

Picking out the breed of your dog is a lot of fun and requires a good bit of research. The Internet is a great place to do this kind of research, with thousand of Web sites detailing everything you need to know about every breed on the planet. The American Kennel Club Web site is a good starting point for researching breeds, as are adoption sites like Petfinder.com and the American Humane Society.

If you're interested in adopting, the shelter sites in your area likely have photos of and information about the available pups. From there, research the specifics of the breed or breeds of the dogs that interest you. Look at the things we've listed so far in this article, like size and overall temperament, as well as how they do with kids. If you aren't picky, then narrow it down to a large pool of breeds and then pick a pup out at a shelter near you.