5 Games Kids Can Play with Cats


Get Crafty

A wand toy can get both your kid and your cat up and moving.
A wand toy can get both your kid and your cat up and moving.

Arts and crafts are a great way to get younger children involved in feline playtime without worrying about bites or scratches. Consider building a kitty fort out of old cardboard boxes. Pull out the markers, crayons, stickers and any other materials you have on hand and let your little ones decorate the boxes -- inside and out!

Once decorated, help construct the fort by cutting and taping the boxes together. Cats love to explore new areas and should be curious to check out the new digs. If he seems hesitant, place a favorite toy inside the fort to encourage him in.

If a fort seems too laborious or time intensive, try making a wand toy for your cat, which is simply a long stick with feathers, ribbons, bells or fabric tied or glued to one end. This is a good cat toy for young children because they can hold the wand away from their body, which will allow your cat to swat at the end of the wand instead of at your child. Just make sure you batten down any small, loose materials that could be a choking hazard to both your small child and cat.