5 Medium-sized Family Dogs



Brittany dogs do better with lots of space to roam around.
Brittany dogs do better with lots of space to roam around.

The Brittany could vie for Best Personality among dogs with its happy, friendly temperament and the ability to get along with children and other animals. This animal was originally bred as a hunting dog, which is why it's probably so loyal and eager to please its owner. These traits combine to make the Brittany an ideal family pet.

So, what does a Brittany need from you? Train this dog early to ensure it becomes a well-socialized and obedient dog, living up to its reputation. Regular walks and physical exercise is a must because a bored Brittany acts very much like a bored child, causing trouble and sometimes damage. With regular exercise, this dog stays generally healthy, athletic and lively. One thing to note -- the Brittany needs a certain amount of outdoor space, so an apartment or townhouse is not the best environment. A fenced-in yard, however, works great.

Maintenance is also very simple with the Brittany. It sheds seasonally, but it's a short-haired dog. With regular brushing, it's fairly easy to keep your Brittany and your house in good shape.