5 Medium-sized Family Dogs


Cocker Spaniel

Who doesn't love a cocker spaniel?
Who doesn't love a cocker spaniel?

Children around the world fell in love with this dog, thanks to Disney's "Lady and the Tramp," and what's not to love about the cocker spaniel? This dog is friendly and behaves well with children, adults and other pets, making it an excellent choice for a family pet. It has a very energetic personality and wants to please, so you'll have a constant companion at home. In fact, since this breed usually weighs nomore than 30 pounds (13.7 kilograms), a cocker spaniel often behaves like a lap dog.

But, no one, not even this pet, is perfect. Those lovable, floppy ears that make these pets so endearing make them also prone to ear infections. Another challenge is potty-training. Much like a stubborn toddler, a cocker spaniel may need time before it effectively uses the bathroom outside. Until then, you may find damp spots and "little presents" around your home. But, because these dogs love their people, a little patience and positive reinforcement will help your pet come around.

With a cocker spaniel's coat, regular grooming and baths are a necessity. A dog groomer can give your cocker a short, all-over cut which helps with matting and cleanliness. Fortunately, these pets are so cute, they can pull off any hairstyle.