Coolie Loach

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Coolie Loach -- Acanthopthalmus kuhliSee more aquarium fish pictures.
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Scientific name: Acanthopthalmus kuhli

The Coolie Loach grows to three inches and does best when kept in a group. This bottom-dwelling fish does not do very well with active tankmates that also tend to spend their time at the bottom of the tank. It hides during the day, burying itself in gravel or finding shelter among plants, and comes out after the lights are turned off.


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The Coolie Loach has an interesting color pattern and an atypical elongated shape. A water temperature of 72º to 82º Fahrenheit along with a pH of 6.0 to 7.0 and soft to moderately hard water are fine. It takes all flake and freeze-dried foods but should be fed only after the lights are off so that the other fish don't consume the food before it gets any.

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