General Pet Care

General pet care information can help you with the various mishaps, illnesses and behavior issues that can arise with any pet. Learn about general pet care.


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Housebreaking Your Pet 101

Learn how elimination works in the wild and why some animals are easier to housebreak than others.

Can owning a pet help you live longer?

Pets decrease our blood pressure, our cholesterol and reduce heart disease. And that's not all. Find out how dogs are even able to anticipate their owners' seizures and sniff for cancer.

All About the Humane Society Fund

When most people think of the Humane Society, they imagine rows and rows of caged dogs and cats waiting for someone to adopt them and take them home. This isn't all they do. Find out in this article.

All About Animal Shelters

Between 6 and 8 million dogs and cats need homes each year, but only about half of these animals are adopted. Learn how animal shelters work and how they differ from animal rescue organizations.

Bird-Care Tips

There are myriad birds that make good pets. In fact, birds are among the most popular house pets. But you must take care when choosing a pet bird and bringing it into your home.

12 Celebrities and Their Pets

From Martha Stewart and Bill Clinton to Edgar Allen Poe and John Lennon, here are 12 favorite celebs with some of their closest companions.

Using Petfinder 101

Take the legwork out of your pet search! Learn how got started, how shelters and rescue groups use it and how you can find a new member for your family on the site.