How to Choose a Pet Bird

Owning a small bird and cleaning its cage can teach a child responsibility.
Owning a small bird and cleaning its cage can teach a child responsibility.

Many bird owners will tell you that birds make perfect pets. They provide companionship, entertainment and even songs. However, when deciding to buy a pet bird, there are a few things to consider. For example, you want to ensure that you get a pet that can easily adapt to its new home with as few unexpected surprises as possible. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to choose a pet bird.

  • Noise Many species of birds are very vocal from tweeting melodies to imitating sirens and alarms. Loud birds may not be annoying to you, but if you live in an apartment or other close surroundings, your neighbors may object to the tweets and talking coming from your home at all hours of the day and night [source: Windhover]. Cockatoos, parrots and macaws may be too loud and demanding for your home situation [source: Humane Society].
  • Hygiene One aspect of owning a bird that many people don't realize before purchasing them is the clean up. Besides dropping and feather debris, birds are not neat eaters and cleaning up after their mess can be a laborious task. The smaller the bird, the more often it produces droppings. Species such as the parakeet may leave between 30 and 50 dropping a day. Ensure that you have the necessary time and dedication to clean up after the bird of your choice [source: Windhover].
  • Time Besides maintaining a clean living space for your bird, you must also ensure that you have the time to dedicate to their socialization. Many birds -- including cockatoos, amazons and African grays -- are highly intelligent, social creatures that require daily attention. They need adequate love and exercise in order to grow fully [source: Windhover].

Be sure to consult with a breeder or vet before purchasing a specific species of bird. You will want to ensure that you own a pet whose needs you can provide in a happy and healthy home [source: Humane Society].