How to Clean a Bird Cage

Birds make lovely house pets, and add an exotic and unique atmosphere to any home. However, birds are notorious for leaving a mess wherever they go. Food, droppings and feather debris can become overwhelming if you don't tend to your bird's cage every day. By spending a few minutes cleaning the bird cage, you will not only keep your home clean, but you will keep your bird healthy [source: Drs. Foster and Smith]. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to clean a bird cage.

  • Cage Lining Change your cage lining every day. Do this whether you line your cage with newspaper or other paper liners. An easy way to save time is to line the cage with several layers of liner once a week and simply throw away the top layer every day. Remember to make sure that the layers underneath are dry and clean [source: Nash].
  • Water and Seed Dishes Wash your bird's water and seed dishes once a day. Make sure that the dishes are thoroughly washed and rinsed off so there are no traces of soap left over. Also, be sure to dry the dishes well. Any left over water can dampen the seeds or food pellets and cause them to get moldy [source: Nash].
  • Bird Cage Disinfectants A fast and easy way to maintain a clean cage is to use non-toxic cage disinfectants. It's very important to make sure the disinfectant is safe for birds, as birds can be very sensitive to household cleaners and chemicals [source: Nash]. Bird cage disinfectants can be used to quickly remove droppings, as well as to disinfect perches, toys and cages [source: Drs. Foster and Smith].

Besides cleaning the cage daily, you should also thoroughly wash the cage itself with bird-safe disinfectant either weekly or monthly. How often you clean the cage will depend on how many birds you have, what type they are and how big your cage is. It's necessary to thoroughly clean your big bird's cage once a week, while smaller birds may only need a monthly cage cleaning [source: Nash].