How to Feed Your Ferret

Ferrets are playful animals that love to social with people. Similar to dogs in their personality and cats in their size, ferrets have become increasingly popular household pets. In order to keep a healthy and happy ferret, it's important to provide it with a balanced diet consisting of meat [source: AFA]. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to feed a ferret.

  • Natural diet In their natural habitat, ferrets are carnivores, eating both meat and vegetables to survive. While ferrets naturally eat raw meat -- including the liver, kidneys and even bones of their prey -- this may cause a health risk to their human owners. Raw meat may contain parasites and microorganisms that can contaminate homes. Though ferrets require meat in their diet, it's not necessary that you serve them raw meat [source: Bell].
  • Good foods With the increasing popularity of household ferrets, ferret feed is easier to find in pet stores. If available in your area, purchase specially formulated ferret feed for your pet. If you can't find ferret food, premium quality cat food will provide an adequately balanced diet [source: Bell]. At least 34 percent of a ferret's diet should be from animal meat protein while 22 percent should be from fat. If you would like to use treats while training your ferret, pieces of chicken or turkey are recommended snacks [source: HSUS].
  • Bad foods There are many foods that may be harmful to your ferret's health. Refrain from serving them vegetables that are difficult to digest. Fruits and junk food contain high levels of sugar that can cause serious health conditions [source: Bell].