How to Find a Dog Walker

By: Contributors

If you are both a professional and a dog owner, chances are that you feel guilty about leaving your dog at home alone all day. Dogs need daily exercise and social contact with people and other dogs. Hiring a dog walker will provide your furry best friend with mid day exercise and socialization as an outlet for its pent up energy. And the energy spent outdoors will ensure that your pup won't wreak havoc in your home while you're at work [source: Masland]. So read the tips listed below and learn about how to find a dog walker.

  • Referrals The best way to find a reliable dog walker is to ask your friends and neighbors. Since dog walking is not regulated, you run the risk of hiring an undependable or untrustworthy walker if you hire the first one you see. Talk to your dog-owner friends, as well as to people in the park or on the street with dogs. They will be able to point you in the direction of a proven, reliable walker in your area [source: Malkin].
  • Vet consultation Consider your vet as a resource for finding a good dog walker. Veterinarians are in contact with a wide range of pet services and service workers. They will be able to guide you toward a dog walker who can fulfill your dog's needs [source: Malkin].
  • Online dog walking services Go online to find a local dog walker. There are a number of listings and job postings of walkers in your area. However make sure to thoroughly interview any walker before leaving your dog in his hands. Does his schedule work with yours? Will your dog be walked solo or in a group of other dogs? Don't feel awkward about asking for references or phone numbers of other clients. You're putting your dog's safety -- not to mention a key to your house -- in this person's hands. Also remember to introduce the dog walker to your dog before hiring him. You must make sure that your dog gets along with the walker [source: Dog Walker USA].