How to Help Puppies Sleep

Some dogs like to sleep in their owner's bed or on a sofa or chair. It's important to train your puppy that night is a time for sleeping by itself in its own bed, basket or crate. Giving your puppy a comfortable blanket to snuggle with may help it get a good night's rest. If you let it jump on your bed whenever it wants, it will become a bad habit [archived source: Santo]. Here's how to help your puppy sleep peacefully.

  • Play soft music to help your puppy calm down. Newly acquired puppies are often scared of their new environment. This is especially so at night when they can feel lonely for their former companions [archived source: ACNT]. Soft music helps ease any feelings of being alone. The music also drowns out any unfamiliar sounds that may be making the puppy tense.
  • Tire your puppy out. Make sure your puppy gets lots of exercise both during the day and just before bedtime so it's tired enough to sleep at night.
  • Don't go into your puppy and give it attention if it has difficulty sleeping and starts barking. This will teach your puppy that barking won't get your attention. If you ignore the barking, eventually the puppy will stop.
  • Keep your puppy's crate in your room while you are sleeping. Sleeping in your room will give the puppy a sense of security, which will help it sleep better. Your puppy will go to sleep quicker if it sees you're also sleeping [source: Davis].