How to Keep Your Pet Off the Furniture

No matter how much you train it, chances are that your cat or dog lounges on your furniture when you're not there. That may leave your upholstery covered in fur and allergens. There are several products on the market that will keep your pet from climbing onto the chairs and tables, without causing them any harm. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to keep your pet off the furniture.

  • Inaccessible furniture The best way to make sure that your pets stay off your furniture is to ensure that they can't get to it. Leave upside down chairs on your sofas when you're out of the house. Or try booby trapping your furniture so that your pet learns the hard way. Leave a pyramid of empty soda cans on the back of a sofa or chair. When your pet jumps up onto the furniture, it will receive a fright when the cans come crashing down. The trick will deter it from trying to sit on the furniture again in the future [source: Reid].
  • Static mats An excellent way to deter your pet from resting on your furniture is to place a static mat down on pieces that you don't want it to sit on. The static mat is a pressure-sensitive mat that will emit a static shock when weight is placed on it. Your pet won't be harmed in any way, but it will quickly learn where it's not supposed to sit [source: ASPCA].
  • Alarms There are alarms available that detect vibrations and sound a loud noise to scare your pet and alert you when it's jumped onto a forbidden piece of furniture. The alarm ensures that your pet learns where it can't sit -- whether you're home or not [source: Drs. Foster and Smith].